Direct faceting support in DSL

Hi community,

In our product we use faceting pretty heavy, our current implementation uses aggregations to implement it.
Are there any plans to have direct faceting support in DSL?


I came here to ask the same question. What are the key differentiators between Elastic hierarchical facets and Opensearch nested aggregations, other than name, in free text search scenarios?

By hierarchical facets you mean those exposed by the Elastic App Search? Hierarchical Facets Guide | Elastic App Search Documentation [8.7] | Elastic

If so, those are supported under the hood by nested aggregations, which are very similar to the nested aggregations you can find in OpenSearch today.

Is there something in particular that you’re looking for?

Hi Radu, I think it’s just nomenclature. In the free text search world, ‘faceting’ is a well-understood term. The term “aggregation” may be more familiar to people who work directly with structured data. So when someone searches for “Opensearch support for faceted search”, it won’t jump out as easily. Lucene and Solr use the “facet” terminology, I believe.

It could be worthwhile to mention on the Opensearch website and documentation pages that aggregation is also commonly known as faceting, so that evaluators won’t hit a cognitive speed-bump trying to compare search offerings.

Likewise, it took some digging to realize that “nested aggregations” are called “hierarchical facets”.