Deleted documents metric in dashboard

Could anyone help with the OpenSearch dashboard metrics?

  1. There is a column Delete documents. Is my understanding correct →

Whenever the document is updated in the index, the new version of the document is created while old version is marked as to be deleted and it gets deleted within some time.
Total documents is not a cound of only high-level documents, but it also includes all nested objects from the documents and treats them as separate documents.

So if we have a document with nested field: jobs, which has 3 objects inside, once the high-level document is updated(no matter what field), we will get +4 documentes recorded in the Deleted Documents column, is it correct?

  1. I read that deleted documents takes some space on disk. Is there an option to see how much space it takes and how to free up this space? I tried force merge but that does not seem to do anything.

Thank you everyone who can help.

Hey @mcntai are you referring to the docs.deleted column for the GET _cat/indices?v? If so, this question is better suited for the #opensearch channel :slight_smile:

Hello @ashwinpc , I was referring to the Index Management -> Indices dashboard which look like a table with the following columns:

So my question was about Deleted documents column here. Could you please help with this or I opened this ticket in the wrong section? If so, apologies.

I have one more question actually, please have a look at this screenshot:

we see the total size is 45gb here while primaries is 22gb, does it mean this index takes 67gb in total?
What is primaries at all…?

Thanks everyone who can help.

Thanks for the context @mcntai. While this does show up in the Index Management plugin, its just a ui for the underlying info about the indexes itself which is exposed by OpenSearch. Can you move this to the #opensearch channel? Someone there should be able to answer your questions better :slight_smile: