Date and time query

I have date field with date data type. and time with string data type. Also I have @timestamp field with date data type.
I need to run query on them, but I don’t know. I don’t use SQL, I use DSL.
It’s better to explain my question with my example, I have the following DSL:

GET _search
   "query": {
       "range": {
                   "gte": "2024-06-16",
                   "lte" : "2024-06-20".
                   "format": "yyyy-MM-dd"             


But I don’t get any result and I have code 200 OK.

@m_pahlevanzadeh I had no issues with this query.
I tested that on the @timestamp field of the security-auditlog- index.

You’ve stated that you have @timestamp filed but your query is executed against the release_date field. Does that field exist and is the date type?