Data Prepper, mTLS with the HTTP source plugin

Hi everyone,
I’m using the Data Prepper HTTP source plugin with the SSL able but apparently, this plugin only provided his certs to it be checked, but not check the other side of the communication.

What made me think this is that this command works properly:

curl --cacert ca-cert -XPOST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '[{"log": "sample log"}]' https://localhost:31281/log/ingest

So, I’m wondering if this plugin does not provide the mTLS verification? And if there is another source plugin that works with Fluentbit and provides mTLS verification?

Hi caebca,

The HTTP source plugin does not support mTLS, nor is there another plugin that does support it either.

I have created a feature request issue on your behalf on the GitHub page. Please feel free to add any additional context.