Data prepper 2.4


When DataPrepper 2.4.0 is supposed to be released? We are waiting for the Kafka plugin, so looking forward to that release.


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Hello Andrii. I’m glad to hear your interest. And we are excited about offering support for Kafka. We are currently looking to release in mid-August.

You can also build from source if you’d like to start experimenting.

Out of curiosity, which Kafka plugin are you looking to use - the source, sink, or both?

Hello David.

Thanks for the response.
We are looking for both. Source to read data (logs) from Kafka and push them into Opensearch cluster. And sink to replicate data (not logs) from one cluster to others in different regions

Hey @dlv

We are also looking forward for the data prepper 2.4 release. We are already towards end of month, eagerly waiting for this release.


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