CSP errors when using an Kibana iframe

Hello! Faced a problem. Kibana is loaded into the iframe, and constantly asks for a login-password, I enter the correct login-password, but does not let it into the interface and again requires input. Console errors in the screenshot. Registered in kibana.yml - csp.rules: “frame-src http://localhost: 8080” - does not help. Tell me how to fix it?
At the same time - if you open the link (which opens in an iframe) in a separate tab - everything works correctly. It works correctly in Firefoч - it loads in iframe without problems
Chrome 85.0.4183.83 64b
Firefox 76.0 64b
OD Kibana 7.8.0


@User4 Did you get this resolved?
I only managed to get this working using JWT embedded into URL, however this would require change to kibana.yml file, and rest of users would not be able to use basic auth to logging to kibana.