Creating fixtures for opensearch-dashboards-test-library library

Hi there,

we have been looking into using GitHub - opensearch-project/opensearch-dashboards-functional-test: Maintains functional tests for OpenSearch Dashboards and Dashboards plugins to implement functional tests for an OpenSearch Dashboards plugin we develop.

AFAICS the handling of fixtures is implemented using GitHub - opensearch-project/opensearch-dashboards-test-library: Provides utility functions, page object models, test fixture handling for developers to write functional tests for OpenSearch Dashboards and plugins, which provides a means to import mappings and documents into OpenSearch using TestFixtureHandler.

Can you recommend how to efficiently create these fixtures using data available in an OpenSearch cluster? We have been using GitHub - elasticsearch-dump/elasticsearch-dump: Import and export tools for elasticsearch for such tasks before, but the format unfortunately isn’t compatible.


Have you taken a look at opensearch-dashboards-functional-test/ at main · ashwin-pc/opensearch-dashboards-functional-test · GitHub? I don’t have any specific answers off the top of my head but @tianle-huang-amzn or @ashwinpc may be able to help.