Collapsible Visualization or group of visualizations in a dashboard

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New feature request in OpenSearch Dashboards

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Collapsible visualizations with in dashboard.
Today when a dashboard is layed out with many visualizations it is often a necessity that some of the visualizations need to be loaded as collapsed including the top filter bar and as and when a user is in need of those they can expand it and get the visualization or filter group. This requirement is similar to the open requirement in Kibana [Dashboards] Collapsible Panels 路 Issue #1547 路 elastic/kibana 路 GitHub.
Can we get something similar in OpenSearch Dashboards? This is a real powerful feature for many use cases.


Configurable option on visualization level /filter bar to enable or disable collapsible panel. Default expanded as of today.

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Yes. This feature is helpful in many use cases. I will like to request to get this feature in OpenSearch Dashboards.

Hi @Sinchana

You can create a feature request at the link below: