Cloudwatch is not sending data to Elasticsearch domain

Hi Everyone,

My use-case is that I want to send log data from cludwatch to ES domain, for that I followed the official document and created a subscription filter then role to execute the lambda function(having permission to full access to ES domain).

But I didn’t get the data in Kibana & Elasticsearch.
When I navigate to the lambda function logs it shows
“403” error,
{"statusCode":403,"responseBody":{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"security_exception","reason":"no permissions for [indices:data/write/bulk] and User [name=arn:aws:iam::700386560098:role/es-cluster-role, backend_roles=[arn:aws:iam::700386560098:role/es-cluster-role]}

Can anyone help me in this I am totally stucked in this.

Thanks in advance