Cipher Suites in Opensearch Dashboards

Hi, need to avoid using cipher suites with RC4 since they are vulnerable and weak. So tried setting a cipher suite thru node options but to no avail. Not sure this is the correct way to proceed if not please suggest.

Thank you

Hi @abhi3006,
I can’t really provide a solution with OpenSearch dashboards (OSD).
Unfortunately, I can’t find a setting in the documentation either.
But since the thread has been open for over 4 days, I would like to offer a quick and dirty solution.
One can install a reverse proxy on the OSD that will establish the TLS connection with the user. For this you can use software like Apache/NGINX web server or HAProxy load balancer.
With these Open Source Projects you can determine the Cipher Suites for the Frontend for the User and the Backend for the Connection between the Reverse Proxy and the OSD.

I hope this answer helps you. For further configurations of the OSD you may need a developer.