Charts only using 5 colors

When I create a line or pie chart, they only use 5 colors. If there are more than 5 data series (more than 5 pie slices), the 5 colors are reused. Is there to get opensearch to use more than 5 colors by default?

I am running opensearch 2.11.1 in a container on RHEL 9.


Just in case someone else seeing this same problem, it is caused by the change to the way mapped_color works. If a chart that shows multiple series that include the top values, only that limited number of colors are used, but all the series in the data are initially assigned a color. For instance, if the data includes 45 series but only the top 5 are initially displayed, only 5 colors are used to assign colors to all 45. This assignment is appears to be in just the order the data is processed, where the data that is displayed is top 5 within the data.

Not sure what the color assignment process was changed, but I found a version of the code from September 2023 that works correctly.