Changes to kibana front-end do not apply

Hi everyone,
i’m totally new to elasticsearch and open distro, i managed to get the stack up and running with the deb packages in a local environment (version 7.2.0), i need to add some additional html to the kibana discover plugin so i was trying to change the index.html file located at


but when i save the file and restart elasticsearch and kibana, my changes are not displayed, hell i even tried to delete the file and it doesn’t affect kibana at all, i’m wondering if i’m touching the right file…
it would be nice to get some feedback from you guys.

This was happening because the bundles are cached and restarting kibana does not trigger the cache, in order to rebundle just delete “bundles” inside kibana/optimize, then restart kibana and the changes will be applied.
For any poor soul who was wondering how to do that