Change admin password for docker installation

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

Describe the issue:

Cannot change the admin password …


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“{"status":"FORBIDDEN","message":"Resource ‘********’ is reserved."}”

@astateofmind The admin password can be changed only with script and internal_users.yml file.

I know, that’s NOT the best way to do it for a container …

what happens when I restart the container, update the image, etc?

It is a bad decision, ending up with a lot installations with admin/admin.

@astateofmind How did you deploy your cluster?

Looks like it could work with creating an image with admin user not restricted (custom internal-users.ymll file)


Seems to be working …

@astateofmind If you use docker as a container then you can map a data volume for an OpenSearch container. This folder will hold all the indices including the security one.

Whenever you stop or restart the container, the data remains.

Yes but still I need to make the admin user not restricted.

Seems to be working after customizing the image.

@astateofmind I got a bit confused here. So you’re looking for a custom password during the docker container deployment.
If so, you can just mount the internal_users.yml file with a custom admin user and password as a volume. It will be used for initial configuration during the container deployment.

That could work too. Thanks.

I was looking for a solution to change the admin password after the install/deployment. Setting the user as not restricted did the trick.