Certificate trust of openid idp from dashboards application

I am receiving the following error on startup of Dashboards:

Detected an unhandled Promise rejection. Error: Failed when trying to obtain the endpoints from your IdP

Further up the log I can see that there was an error for a self signed certificate in certificate chain when trying to reach my idp configuration for openid.

For context, I am behind a corporate firewall that intercepts traffic and signs it with our own root ca. I have added that ca to the trust store for the host, and when I curl https://accounts.google.com/.well-known/openid-configuration I receive no errors regarding the certificate.

I have tried adding the trust store to the opensearch configuration of my idp domain without any change. This seems to be coming from dashboards instead.

Does dashboards use a separate trust store? Is there a way to specify the trust store for openid in the dashboards configuration?

The parameters lists in OpenID Connect - OpenSearch documentation do not seem to provide a way to modify the trust store being used when requesting the idp configuration information.

Opensearch 1.2.3
Dashboards 1.2.0