[CCI] fix type errors run_i18n_check.ts

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
OSD latest version

Describe the issue:


I decided to fix the types in

But I don’t understand why there is no config itself, what paths, exclude, translations should I specify in the config? I’m still not very familiar with the project, so I don’t know if I’m thinking correctly about the lack of config

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in addition:
Is it acceptable to solve import problems at the expense of // @ts-ignore
if the ts config is configured differently in the project? Seen in the directory often such fixes

@Orbulon can we move the conversation about the i18n check to the issue itself? I have added my comments there: Fix type errors in i18n · Issue #3027 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub

As for using // @ts-ignore, This is generally frowned up. There are certain instances where it makes sense to add that and is usually handled on a case by case basis. Do you have an example where you want to solve an import warning using that ignore flag?

Yes, no problem. Thanks for the answer! At the expense of ignoring - I saw that the declared modules (as in the screenshot) that are imported from eui are ignored. Therefore, I want to know how such modules are typed in the project

Yeah you are looking at one such instance where we had to make an exception. eui as a whole is not ignored, but findTestSubject is. There are other eui imports that are correctly typed. Since we are moving from eui to oui, we will just ignore the typings for eui that are missing right now with the ignore flag and use the oui types in future.

This being said you bring up an intresting issue. even though we refer to eui here, we are already usig oui under the hood and should be updating the types there so that these imports do not need to be ignored anymore. I’ve opened an issue for it here: [BUG] Export types for `/lib/test` · Issue #583 · opensearch-project/oui · GitHub