Can't start opensearch on Red Hat 8.9

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with my opensearch. He didn’t start when I try to lunch.
The version of my OS is Alma Linux 8.9 and Opensearch is the 2.9.0.
Here is a screen of the error.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Max1 ,

How have you tried to install OpenSearch? What version of Java do you use?


As per the documentation below, OpenSearch 2.9.0 is compatible with Java 11, 17 :

Could you please try to set the OPENSEARCH_JAVA_HOME environment variable? For example:

export OPENSEARCH_JAVA_HOME=/path/to/opensearch-2.9.0/jdk

I’ve solved the problem with this method :
Create a file tmp at : /usr/share/opensearch/tmp
Make opensearch the owner of this file
Change the access permission for 755
Now modify the file /etc/sysconfig/opensearch and add