Can't see the security sub-menu on my Elasticsearch cluster!

I want to restore from a back-up but i can’t preview the /security to give required permissions etc. any ideas?


The error that i receive

Is this an OpenSearch cluster ? Or are you still attempting to use the old OpenDistro plugins ?

What are the full versions of both the underlying platform (i.e. OpenSearch) and the security plugin ?

Hey thanks for the reply, how can i check this infos?

I’d start by asking your team what was downloaded to install the underlying platform - for example: did they download the OpenSearch .tar.gz or the Elasticsearch .tar.gz ?

How are you deploying your cluster ? using the .tar.gz files, rpm, Docker, etc. ?

@savercrange When you make the snapshot, by default it will include the .opendistro_security index.
admin user doesn’t have privileges to restore such index. That’s why you need to either:

The above applies to both OpenDistro and OpenSearch.