Can't install opensearch-index-management plugin

This command in my Dockerfile

RUN bin/opensearch-plugin install --batch --silent opensearch-index-management

Responds with this:

 > [stage-3 2/4] RUN bin/opensearch-plugin install --batch --silent opensearch-index-management:
#13 1.421 Non-option arguments:
#13 1.421 command
#13 1.421
#13 1.421 Option             Description
#13 1.421 ------             -----------
#13 1.421 -E <KeyValuePair>  Configure a setting
#13 1.421 -h, --help         Show help
#13 1.421 -s, --silent       Show minimal output
#13 1.421 -v, --verbose      Show verbose output
#13 1.421 ERROR: Unknown plugin opensearch-index-management

I want to make use of the Index State Management API, which I believe is part of that plugin.

Shouldn’t it be available in the OpenSearch (v1.2.4) base image?

I brought my cluster up via Docker, and the output of opensearch-plugin list does indeed show opensearch-index-management as an installed plugin.

Your invocation also shows that there’s a colon at the end of the line, I’m not sure if that’s just normal output or if you might have put it there on accident for the command to run. Either way, I suspect that its showing you the help text because it misinterpreted a command line argument somewhere. That normally doesn’t appear when the command is successful.

What’s the output of /usr/share/opensearch/bin/opensearch-plugin list ?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m using the min image. For reasons I can’t go into here, I can’t use the full version. The min image has no plugins installed, so I need to install the ones I need.