Cannot load Custom Model other than pretrained

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

Describe the issue:

Tryying to load custom models , but nothing works other than the pretrained ones, wich works just fine.
Iǘe tried in different ways, using our webserver with zip formats , and downloading the models from hugging face .
Here’s the output
ET /_plugins/_ml/tasks/zo7XsIsBgjP_NteT9QS7

“task_type”: “REGISTER_MODEL”,
“function_name”: “TEXT_EMBEDDING”,
“state”: “FAILED”,
“worker_node”: [
“create_time”: 1699479025082,
“last_update_time”: 1699479025748,
“error”: “This model is not in the pre-trained model list, please check your parameters.”,
“is_async”: true

Is there any other documentation other than the one in ur website to load custom model.
Example: Can we load custom models from :
Local file ? example
huggingface: example ? not using the ones on the pretrained list


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

Could you please check this page: API - OpenSearch documentation

This blog could also be helpful: What in the ML is going on around here? · OpenSearch

Please let me know if following these two solves your problem or not.

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