Can we upload plain text files and JFR also in the OpenSearch by any means?

We are sharing our software stats and bug reports for other teams with the centralized opensearch.

All the logs and alarms are picked up by opensearch preety smmothly.
But the delta remains are :

  • Few command outputs
  • Few Java FLight Recorder (JFR).
  • Few plain text files

With above requirement we can reduce dependencies among customer dev and architect significantly and so the issue resolution time as well .

With the available dev options , I am not ablr to do it.
Any help would highly appriciated.

It’s recommended to use the ingest tools such as filebeat, logstash or data-prepper to ingest the files, the attachment ingest processor in OpenSearch can also ingest files but it’s not easy to use, and it’s not installed by default, you have to install the plugin ingest-attachment manually.

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