Can Opensearch detect updates to TLS certificates?

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We run Opensearch and Opensearch-Dashboards in a Kubernetes environment using Docker containers. We are looking to integrate cert-manager service to handle automatic updates to TLS certificates within the environment. Are Opensearch and Dashboards setup in a way that it can detect these updates and apply the new certificate automatically or does a hard restart of the services need to happen? If a restart is neccesary, are there any considerations we would need to know about? Thanks

Hi @jpelletier_2023 ,

Yes, the restart is necessary as far as I am aware.

Some of the things to consider :

  • Disable shard allocation.

cluster.routing.allocation.enable: "primaries"

Enables or disables allocation for specific kinds of shards:
– “all” – Allows shard allocation for all types of shards.
– “primaries” – Allows shard allocation for primary shards only.
– “new_primaries” – Allows shard allocation for primary shards for new indexes only.
– “none” – No shard allocations are allowed for any indexes.
– Default is “all”.
see options here: Cluster settings - OpenSearch Documentation

Stop the tasks associated with active machine learning jobs and data-feeds

  • Restart


Hi @jpelletier_2023,

Have done some more research you should check here:


@Mantas Great thank you for your response and resources

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Yes, Opensearch and opensearch dashboard can be set automatically by using cert manager without using hard reset.

Hi @raman004 ,
it would be really great if you share the steps you followed for this, i assume you have used kubernetes cronjob to trigger reloadcerts API.