Can I config OpenSearch to skip the same-ID-check

Hi everyone! When indexing a document that has an explicit id, is there anyway to config Opensearch to skip the check of whether that same id already exist? If not, is this a feature Opensearch can support in the future? This check has caused performance issue that significantly slows down indexing speed of my Opensearch 2.0 nodes.
In my project, I have to index documents with ID assigned by something else to Opensearch. However, according to this documentation, Tune for indexing speed | Elasticsearch Guide [8.6] | Elastic ,(and I’ve done experiments to verify it), when indexing documents with id assigned, Opensearch will apply a costly same-id-check to avoid conflicts. I wonder if there’s anyway to skip this check, as in my project I will have to generate IDs beforehand for other purposes.

Thank you in advance.