Busy threads Lucene Merge Thread

Im seeing these in busy threads
any info on what these are any docs
Lucene Merge Thread

I have a daily index incoming data
but lately seeing yesterdays hot thread index which should not be any more activity as past day
what does this mean any docs on lucene merge threads hot threads
Lucene Merge Thread #145

is there any docs on what hot threads mean what they are doing taking cpu resources
is there any way to stop all these hot threads discard them and start process only new incoming logs ?

what do these busy threads mean
13.1% (65.5ms out of 500ms) cpu usage by thread ‘opensearch[opensearch-node1][[.opendistro-ism-config][0]: Lucene Merge Thread #1771]’

sometimes hot threads see this T1 to T#X number but not seeing which index

Hey @infodata

Not sure what you have going on, looks liek index are being rotated perhaps, not 100% sure thou.

what is your issue?

thx for reply
heres its excessive logs than our normal ingestion and could not find info on what all these mean
found a workaround by close index and open index
post index/_close

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