Backing index name with date

is it possible to have a date in the backing index name? on each rollover i would like to have an index with the name with pattern of myindex-{now/d{yyyy.MM.dd}|+3:00}}

Hello @fisherijus,

could you give me a example of what this would look like? so would it look like myindex-2023.03.08? I don’t exactly know what you mean by |+3:00 in your example - should 3 hours be added to the date?

Furthermore how are you creating the pipeline, would that be using logstash or some other service? In theory it is totally possible to do so.


if i configure the datastream with rolleover policy (1d), all backing indexes get the name with suffix .0000x. if my index is my-index, then it gets a name like .ds-my-index-00000x.
i would like that all backing indexes would have a date added in the name. like
ds-my-index-2023-03-07-000001, ds-my-index-2023-03-08-000002, etc…

i think i would be able to do this functionality with aliases and indexes, but now i am trying to do it with data stream…

i will be using logstash, but i will get to it after i set up my opensearch…