Auto interval change in date histogram

In below day level date histogram is showing up daywise when a particular month is selected from dropdown. (global time filter is kept last 1 year)
But when I change the global time filter to more than 1 year window to view daywise for any older month. It automatically changes the histogram interval from daily to monthly aggregation.

Is there any limitation with regards to time filtering on such visuals?
Also sometimes I ran into this error “too_many_buckets_exception”. My 1st bucket size is 20000. Total buckets are 13.
Also visualization fails to load when more than 1 month is selected. So is there a 30 days limitation on datewise aggregation?
Any points I can reconsider here.

Hey @Poonam

Can I ask what your trying to achieve? Or somemore explanation what going on in your examples.

I’m trying to achieve a date histogram table like below

Store txn and amount data to be shown at day level for selected period.

I have total 13 buckets. And number of stores are around 20000, so 1st bucket size I should keep 20000? (default request is 10000, what should I do in this case?)

How much duration can we see day level histogram in this case, as I mentioned it shows for upto 1 month, but fails when more than a month duration is selected, causing opensearch service go down and throwing error “Too Many Requests” (statusCode 429)

Any buckets size, memory related requirement should be considered in this case?

@Gsmitt @pablo can you please give your input on this.

Hey @Poonam

You may have to fine tune your Date Historygram, I found this post which give a pretty good explanation about this issue.

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