Alerting - Email alert action not sending more than 10 hits/results

I have a monitor trigger that typically returns around 100 hits for each schedule. An email alert is configured to the trigger.

The monitor is running fine and working as expected but the alert email is only having results from the first 10 records. It seems like a limitation set by Open search (Not faced this issue in Elastic).

Is there a way to tweak the maximum number of records that an email action can send?

The docs don’t seem to have any related setting - Management - OpenSearch documentation

Hi @iam.g,

Did you specify a size in your search query input for the Monitor? If not specified, it defaults to 10. The search result will still show the number of total hits you had but the actual hits returned is determined by the size. The maximum value that size can be is 10,000.

That did the trick! Thank you.