After resetting admin password, other password change wont be saved in Docker solution

I followed the doc to modify the admin password . I use the docker compose solution.

Since we replace the internal_users.yml in the docker-compose configuration, each time we restart our containers, we loose the password change made with the Kibana interface. For example, since the logstash user hash is present il the internal_users.yml I presume It force the old password each time.

Is there a solution on docker, to reset the admin password and keep the possibility to modify user from the Kibana interface?

@Franckiboy Did you find the solution to this?

I run docker-compose locally, and create volume for the ES data. This way if you restart it, the data and therefore security index is already there and doesn’t need to initialise again. So previous settings are preserved.
If you delete the volumes (and ES data) then the index will be initialised again using config file provided.
Hope this helps