Upgrade from 1.8.0 -> 1.11.0 Breaks Authentication

Has anyone using HTTP Basic and SAML been able to successfully upgrade to 1.11.0? Is there a known bug here? Have there been changes that are required that I missed in the release notes? A working config under 1.8.0 doesn’t appear to support both HTTP and SAML simultaneously under 1.11.0. HTTP works and then after SAML is init’d, HTTP doesn’t. If I change the order, then HTTP works but then SAML doesn’t.

I’m going to try dropping back to 1.10.1 and see if that makes things better.


Comparing what I had vs. what was now documented, it is clear that a bunch of things changed under the hood that before either weren’t relevant or weren’t fully enforced. So for others having this issue, double check the docs vs. your configuration.

@_aw did you manage to get it working in the end?