Unable to update UI setting


Sometimes when I try to create an index, after selecting the timestamp and pressing create index, it keeps on the same page.
I read somewhere that I should remove the default index setting in the advanced settings and set it to empty
But when I do that, and press save, I get the following error:
Unable to update UI setting
Request failed with status code: 429

How to fix this?

Hi @Raki,
the HTTP Status Code 429 normally means Too many Requests.
The Reason could be that either your OpenSearch Dashboards Index has a write block on it or the Node on which the Index is stored is facing to many Actions so it can’t handle your Settings Update.
If you view the Log on your Coordinating Node (the Node your OpenSearch Dashboards is communicating to) you should be able to see the reason why the Update failed with the Code 429.
I hope this helps you, if not please share the Error Message.