The best way in order to see this product?

Hi All,

I would like to see this product and test it, but I’m not a software developer.
I’ ve install succesfully docker on my windows PC and then:

  • opensearch
  • opensearch-dashboards

But if I try to open localhost on port 5601 I get the message " OpenSearch Dashboards server is not ready yet ".

So my question is: which could be the best way in order to see this product? Could you please support me to see the GUI and manage the product?


Are you starting the docker containers individually or using docker compose? Check out start a cluster in the documentation.

The classic issue, in this case, is that your docker settings are not as required - make sure that in the Resources you have Memory set at least at 4GB. Then try again:)

Hey guys,

Yes, I confirm… I was able to run this product in a fresh Ubuntu installation :slight_smile:

Now I’m trying to understand the roles and permissions…

Thanks a lot

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There is always a lot to learn about access control when getting started. I would start with the admin/admin built-in sample role then create another using the documentation guide. After that, pay attention to the error messages - they will tell you the correct access levels needed.