Replacement for the color and font software libraries?

I’m trying to build out our manage service leveraging OpenSearch and OpenSearch OpenDashboard and came across some legal issue regarding using the color and font software libraries within OpenSearch OpenDashboard repo.

I was wondering if anyone else came across this and had some suggestions as to ways we can potentially leverage different libraries rather than these?

@jordanoliver OK. That’s a new one. Could you be a little more specific which libraries might be causing a red flag for you?

At least for the color library, our company will not let us distribute our service with the GPLv2 license it’s under. I assume that’s the same for font software but still validating. So I guess the ask is if there are alternatives to these libraries that will avoid us sourcing the GPLv2 license.

@jordanoliver can you link to where these libraries are being pulled in on the repo? we’d like to dig into this a bit further

It looks like there’s now a new license associated with that library and the other. My mistake. thank you for your assistance.

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