Removal of non-inclusive terms "whitelist" with neutral language


OpenSearch-Dashboards(Kibana) has a configuration property elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist.
There are concerns raised on usage of this non-inclusive terminology. Linux team has approved on replacing these non-inclusive terminologies. There are many other tech companies and open-source projects that have removed references to racially-charged jargon from their code for more neutral and inclusive language. Reference

This request is to replace the term Whitelist used in one of the OpenSearch-Dashboards(kibana) configuration with a neutral word.


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If I were you I would just open this as an issue in the repo referencing the exact place with the terms you are referring to.
Changing these is a welcome effort, the only requirement being that your code won’t break backward compatibility, or harm any functionality etc.

Some examples already being discussed/reviewed in the project:
Issue: Change the "Master" nomenclature · Issue #472 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub
PR: replacing blacklist by blocklist and whitelist by allowlist by aponb · Pull Request #744 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub

The main thing to notice here is that in some cases in the industry these changes were really easy. However, in some places this is much harder to do. The maintainers are for these changes being made, so since you are concerned about this feel free to open an issue and a PR that makes the changes you want to see in the project :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll open an issue.


Thanks for calling this out! I’m totally behind a move towards a more inclusive OpenSearch.

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See Change the "Master" nomenclature · Issue #472 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub and Removal of non-inclusive term "whitelist" with neutral language · Issue #533 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards · GitHub if anyone is looking for those issue links.