Register Custom Field Format Editor (index pattern management)

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch Dashboard v2.3.1

Describe the issue:
Hello Team, I am having issues with registering a custom field format editor. I am currently migrating a plugin from kibana to opensearch dashboard.

While I manage to add the menu in the format options (screenshot > A)

public setup(
    core: CoreSetup,
    plugins: { navigation: any; data: DataPublicPluginStart }
  ): DrillDownMenuPluginSetup {
    // register drill down menu format[DrillFormat]);

I could not register the editor when Drill Down menu is selected

Below I believe is the old way of doing it but I could not register the editor as I could not locate or find RegistryFieldFormatEditorsProvider or it’s counterpart in opensearch dashboard.

import { RegistryFieldFormatEditorsProvider } from 'ui/registry/field_format_editors';

RegistryFieldFormatEditorsProvider.register(() => DrillDownFormatEditor);

Editor should look something like this once Drill Down is selected from the format field (screenshot > B)

I’m able to resolve it for my case

public setup(
    core: CoreSetup,
    plugins: {
      navigation: any;
      data: DataPublicPluginStart;
      indexPatternManagement: FieldFormatEditorProps;
  ): DrillDownMenuPluginSetup {[DrillFormat]);
    return {};

Line below registers a format editor where DrillFormat is a class that extends FieldFormat class found in “OpenSearch-Dashboards/src/plugins/data/common/field_formats/field_format.ts”
Screenshot > A[DrillFormat]);

This line is the actual component being shown from the Screenshot > B when selecting the drilldown menu


Your format option need to have an unique id. Selecting an option from format Dropdown list will load the format editor that matches the formatId of selected format option