Plugin Licences

Hi under the plugins folder for each plugin there are sometimes many licences listed.
Are all the plugins not all just associated to the Apache 2.0 Licence that OpenSearch is and all these other licence.txt files are redundant and are required to be removed.
Is there a licence statement that corroborates this?
Or are all the licence files listed in the folders valid for each plugin.
e.g. OpenSearch/gax-LICENSE.txt at main · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub
which may be a totally permissive licence, however it still needs to be reviewed before any use and introduces time and effort. This applies to any other licence file that is listed and is not Apache 2.0.


Hey @Ianh!

OpenSearch follows the ASF 3rd Party License Policy to make sure all our dependencies are compatible.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks for the reply, it answers my question. But also gives me food for thought.