New users and privileges

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I have a user (A) who is a superuser, he can perform all kinds of actions.

The superuser (A) creates another user (B), who has less privileges (readall), but we are also interested that the user (B) can create new users (C,D,…) and give them the same privileges or less, but never more.

Is this possible? because it seems that if the user (B) can create users, roles and manage the roles mapping, he can create users with more privileges than his own, and it even seems that he can give himself more privileges.

Is it possible to create users who are able to create other users and give them the same (or fewer) roles?

Thank you very much for your attention and my congratulations on your great work.

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@alfonsorbj There are some restrictions that are possible on the created user using the API see here however restricting privileges on index level for subsequent users doesn’t seem to be possible.