ISM action to shrink indexes

I start my indexes out with 5 shards which works perfectly to distribute the CPU load across my 5 node cluster during ingest. But the daily indexes, once the day is over, I want to shrink them down to 1 shard. Otherwise I would hit the max shards per node limits.

Is there a way to automate shrinking the indexes in such a way via ISM?

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Hi @quadp77123,

Not yet supported, but please +1 and/or comment on the feature request here so we can track it

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Hello. I also +1 for this shrink feature.

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The shrink action is now a thing since version 2.0 but I’ve not been able to get it to work properly. I’m always getting the error " There are no available nodes to move to to execute a shrink. Delaying until node becomes available.". Now that it’s available I’d love to know if anyone else has successfully got this to work. I opened up a new topic on this here: Shrink action says "There are no available nodes to move to to execute a shrink" but there are qualifying nodes .