How to test for OSD liveness

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
OpenSearch and OSD version 2.3.0 running in Kubernetes via OpenSearchCluster.

Describe the issue: How do I test for OSD being alive? I’m trying to make a simple OSD API call to test that it is up and running before I launch other apps which depend on it. What is the accepted or best way to do that? Is there an OSD API reference? I can’t find it and saw one post which says it doesn’t exist. That same post said it’s like Kibana 7.10 but slightly different. I’ve tried some Kibana API calls like /api/features and they fail (in this case 404 not found). Can I get a hint as to what is different?


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

I think /api/status should work. You’ll have to authenticate, though.