How to skip the login page of kibana from custom_react_App

I installed opendsitro through docker (version 7.3.2) and I am developing one custom_react_App with basic authentication for my custom users. Then created few internal users in kibana and passing the same internal users’ information as the login credentials for my custom_react_App to authenticate. After login to my custom_app, I am trying to fetch the dashboards using iframe embedded code in custom_react_App but it is redirecting to the kibana login page. I don’t want the user again pass the username and password. So, I tried by passing the username and password to iframe src to skip the login page of kibana like “[{id}]” but that is not working.
Is there any other way to skip the login page for kibana.

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@NandhuNandini The only was that i can think of achieving this is setting up a jwt authentication, which can be accepted in the url parameter from your custom_react_App, this would imply handling the JWT creation at the App level of course.