Different transport interface

I have two opensearch clusters. One for acceptance where are 3 nodes (each has data,ingest,master settings) and one for production where are 9 nodes (3 master, 3 ingest + hot nodes and 3 warm nodes). I would like to set transport traffic between them through interconnection cable. But I want to achieve that cluster from another cluster on another interface because I want to use Cross Cluster Replica.

My config is:
- cluster.name=apesmaster-cluster
- node.name=apesmaster-node1
- discovery.seed_hosts=X.X.2.101:9300,X.X.2.102:9300
- cluster.initial_master_nodes=X.X.2.100,X.X.2.101,X.X.2.102
- network.publish_host=Y.Y.19.20
- network.bind_host=

So I have interconnection with addresses X.X.2.100, X.X.2.101, X.X.2.102, and Addresses that are accessible from Internet Y.Y.19.20, Y.Y.19.21, Y.Y.19.22

Is there a way to achieve that syncing on nodes will be transport through interconnect but the transport interface for cross-cluster replica will be another…

With settings like I posted, nodes are discovered by interconnect but syncing and communications go through the Internet interface.

And in Production I have an idea
But i couldn’t test it, because I cant afford any downtime.
If I set on masters that transport will be done from Internet interface but on Data nodes I will see only interconnect, will it work? Because masters doesnt need to sync with data nodes? I hope so.

Thanks for you help. I thought that when I set discovery.seed with interconnect addresses, so they will sync with interconnect, but that was wrong :confused: