Deactivating / Reactivating a Trigger Action


I’m curious if / how folks handle this sort of scenario, if anyone has run into it, of course. We are ‘graduating’ an alert from posting to a test Slack channel to a monitored ‘more production’ type channel. I have the webhooks setup and have added a second Action to the Trigger in question to post over to the new channel. However, I can’t see an obvious way to disable or deactivate the test post Action in the Trigger. I can Delete it, but I’d like to keep it there if possible in case we need to revert the Action, etc. Anyone run into this or found a way to do something similar?

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You can disable/enable Monitor. These is no provision to disable/deactivate a trigger.

Ah, excellent, thanks for confirming that! :slight_smile: I think that’s what I ended up doing, and the alert did eventually crank up again. There was a delay, but that was perhaps based on the monitor schedule, etc. Very good to know this is the way forward in such cases though.

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