2.2 release bug fixes


Im checking if saml bug (2.1.0) fix is included in 2.2.0 release ?

2.2.0 freeze aug 4th release aug 11th

anyone tracking releases bug fixes ?

Thanks for bringing this up! This SAML endpoint change would break existing SAML setup with the old endpoint(_opendistro), so it needs to be in 3.0.0 as a breaking change.

thanks for bringing this up @infodata - we’re speaking with the engineering team to answer appropriately

thx for update ,
see newer 2.x release versions later as well
those who need saml they should stay on 2.0.1 and better to upgrade 3.x in 2023 ?

@infodata the linked PR in the opening post is being reverted for the 2.2 release to use the _opendistro/_security/... endpoints to maintain SAML support. The change to support _plugins/_security/... is targeted for the 3.0.0 release.

do you mean 2.2 release will have saml working ?
thx for reply

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@infodata Yes, a regression was introduced in the 2.1 release because of a change in the route. This PR reverts the change that introduced the regression. Documentation is being updated accordingly and the route change is targeted for the 3.0.0 release.